More than tables and chairs

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Addressing  the Centre’s Emotional Climate  Adapted from Attentive & Attuned: Knowing  and Serving in the Early Edu­cation Program, pp. 37-49 (Baer, Maher, Leak) Attunement begins with me. I can be intentional about forging relationships with the individuals in my class. But to cultivate those attuned relation­ ships and to display the posture that draws chil­dren in, I must first prepare…

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The Kiwi Classroom

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A glimpse into the classroom of Elise Hopkins When early years educators speak of the field in a comprehensive context, it is impossible to ignore the trends and accomplishments of settings in the global south. New Zealand, a gem in Oceania, gently leads the way with their quiet insistence to connect, support and develop the family unit. New Zealand’s Ministry…

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Assessment book review

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Observing Young Children The role of observation and assessment in early childhood settings S Smidt, (2015). Abingdon: Routledge. Smidt offers us in the short compass of 90 small pages an introduction to the subject which makes reference to almost everything. The important names are all there: Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner and so on. There is reference to sustained shared thinking, scaffolding…

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Monitoring well-being and involvement

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Monitoring well-being and involvement by Rev Peter Michell In the UK the most immediate association made with assessment is the Early Years Foundation Stage and the ‘outcomes’. We also think of endless laborious record keeping. This first association has to be called into question because it is not the only kind of assessment and it is not the most important either. If…

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