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Love Early Years encourages and supports practitioners working in early years care and education.

We work to enable them to become better equipped to meet the needs of young children, building strong foundations for present and future generations.

All the work at Love Early Years is grounded in our shared Christian worldview and conviction.

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Early Days Magazine


A termly publication (Autumn, Spring and Summer) of articles on early years education from a specifically Christian perspective.

Christian experience is shared and Christian thinking about the early years encouraged. Much is from a UK background but there are also international contributors.


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Let’s Play book reviews

| Creativity, Education, Family, Joy, Learning, Love, Outdoors, Play, Prayer, Spirituality | No Comments

The reviews on this website are strictly speaking not just for book reviews but resource reviews. The theme of play might suggest all sorts of ‘toys’, but actually the best resources in all the world are natural ones: sticks, sand, insects, mud. We might well add unit blocks, but we probably shouldn’t spend much on resources for children’s play because they…

Spirituality and Play

| Creativity, Education, Family, Joy, Learning, Love, Play, Prayer, Spirituality | No Comments

Definitions Let us start with a definition of ‘spirituality ‘ as I use it. When the 1944 Education Act was drawn up they used the word spirituality because they claimed that no one knew what it meant and therefore it could not be disputed. Many definitions have been given since. I think the simplest definition is: an experience of awe…

The Part Parents Play

| Creativity, Education, Family, Joy, Learning, Love, Play, Prayer, Spirituality | No Comments

Principal stakeholders  in education, after the children themselves , are the parents. The Bible makes the assumption that responsibility for the nurture of children belongs to parents, referring to fathers in particular. For example: It is to fathers that these words are addressed: …bring them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4, Authorised  Version) or …bring them up in…


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