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Love Early Years encourages and supports practitioners working in early years care and education.

We work to enable them to become better equipped to meet the needs of young children, building strong foundations for present and future generations.

All the work at Love Early Years is grounded in our shared Christian worldview and conviction.

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Early Days Magazine


A termly publication (Autumn, Spring and Summer) of articles on early years education from a specifically Christian perspective.

Christian experience is shared and Christian thinking about the early years encouraged. Much is from a UK background but there are also international contributors.


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Are you ready for the NEW Ofsted inspection framework out in September 2019?

Watch this space for workshops coming up in the next few months.
What are the changes? What evidence will inspectors looks for? How can I get ready? We will answer these and other questions.
More information coming SOON…
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A US environment for Twos

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Creating a successful 2-year-old environment takes a lot of planning, prioritizing and organization. Transitioning from infancy to a 2-year-old preschool can be a big adjustment. These children are usually very attached to their caregivers. It is important for the child to feel secure when they are away from home. Your classroom should offer a place for parents and children to be greeted and feel welcome. I always offer a hug and a…

You Are Never Too Old To Play

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Play has been described as a natural language of childhood.1   We all did a whole lot of playing when we were young and learnt far more than we realise from it. Young children not only learn through play but they can have a strong connection with their creator who made them in His image. That is why we have chosen…

Jesus and Twos

| Creativity, Education, Family, Joy, Learning, Love, Music, Play, Prayer, Spirituality | No Comments

Jesus well understood the vulnerability of toddlers. When He was Himself about two He was taken by Joseph and His mother Mary to Egypt as a refugee. There is nothing new about the flight of families from hardship, persecution and threat of death. In fact the movement of a great people group (the Hebrews) plays a crucial role in the history of Moses. The flight from…


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