Our vision and purpose

Love Early Years offers support to those who work with our youngest children.

We have a vision to see Christians as beacons of excellence in the Early Years workforce, operating from strong convictions, and in partnership with many others across our country and overseas.

Love Early Years seeks to restore a Christian voice in Early Years.

This is an exciting opportunity to become a Partner in the Love Early Years ministry.

You do not have to have experience or contact with young children; just a vision and a heart to follow Jesus when he said:

Let the children come to me, don’t keep them away. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to people like them”. (Matthew 19 v 14 NIV)

As income increases through a growing number of partners, Love Early Years will have a stronger base and greater capacity to support, train and encourage Christians involved in Early Years Education and care. This in turn will make a difference to the lives of many children.

Become a partner with Love Early Years

  • To invest in the precious early years of children’s lives across our nation
  • To join with others across the country in prayer for the early years
  • To help provide training events and consultancy for Christian teachers, practitioners and carers
  • To enable the development of an inspirational website with practical resources and articles
  • To support the publishing of the termly magazine ‘Early Days’
  • To support the Development Coordinator who helps carry out these tasks

As a Partner you will receive:

  • A copy of ‘Early Days’ magazine
  • Access to all areas of a relevant, up-to-date website that informs and inspires
  • The regular newsletter and updates on the work the charity is doing
  • Suggestions for prayer and the chance to join together with others each month to pray for early years
  • Networking opportunities that connect you with others to enable meaningful sharing and support to take place
  • Support from experienced and qualified consultants

Talk to us about the possibility of a visit by Love Early Years to inspire and inform your church about the ministry.


£ 5 +

Per Month
  •  Minimum £5 per month

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