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Early Days magazine is published three times a year to provide information, inspiration, training and connection for those working with early years children.

It is written by authors from several countries who embrace a Christian perspective and provides a forum for serious and practical reflection on some of the key issues relevant to those who work with 0-5 year olds today.

Current Issue:  “Behaviour”

In This Issue:

  • First Word
  • Relationship and Reciprocity
  • In the moment planning
  • The 6 ‘A’s of Interaction
  • In Practice
  • Disciplining the Heart
  • Heart Matter
  • Reflections
  • Resource Review
  • Last Word

Highlighted Article: “Heart Matter” by Lucy Waterman

It seems that there has always been a lot of pressure on the very youngest children to behave incredibly perfectly.

From the times of being rigorously controlled by Victorian discipline to our days when the distraction technique or being kept quiet with a tablet or phone, the old adage of children being “seen and not heard” seems to have prevailed.

In these days, when we understand so much more about the emotional impact of long hours in day care, when we can use technology to see the impact on brain development of neglect or poor attachment, and when we know the corrosive effects that cortisol and stress have on young children, why do  we still appear to be trapped in expecting the very “best” behaviour day after day?

Themes For Coming Issues:

  • Spring 2019 – Doing God
  • Summer 2019 – Creativity

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