Early Days Magazine

Early Days magazine is published three times a year to provide information, inspiration, training and connection for those working with early years children.

It is written by authors from several countries who embrace a Christian perspective and provides a forum for serious and practical reflection on some of the key issues relevant to those who work with 0-5 year olds today.

Current Issue:  “Literacy”

In This Issue:

  • First Word
  • Theology: The Word
  • Nursery: Literacy in lockdown
  • Story: “Tell me a story”
  • In Practice
  • In Theory: Joining the dots
  • Prayer: A day of prayer
  • Heart Matter
  • Resource Review
  • Bible text
  • Last Word

Highlighted Article: “Tell me a Story” by Elaine Douglas

A passionate storyteller reflects on the crucial importance of hearing stories and their place in the Bible.

Reading is a fascinating and amazingly complex skill. The more you consider it, the more impressive it is that any of us can see marks, lines and symbols and then to somehow decode and decipher them in our wonderful brains and create in our imaginations meanings and messages, to see in our mind’s eye the lines and symbols turned into something meaningful.

For example, when you see the symbols T E A they become something with meaning. In your mind’s eye, you may see a mug full of comfort, thoughts of early morning with the kettle on, a drink and chat with friends and family, or warm hands on a cold day.

But the same lines arranged differently -/-||\= do not evoke the same images. We may try to decipher them, but they are just lines without any meaning.

Themes For Coming Issues:

  • Children in Need

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