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Early Days magazine is published three times a year to provide information, inspiration, training and connection for those working with early years children.

It is written by authors from several countries who embrace a Christian perspective and provides a forum for serious and practical reflection on some of the key issues relevant to those who work with 0-5 year olds today.

Current Issue:  “The Big Outdoors”

In This Issue:

  • First Word
  • Creator of the big, wide world
  • Nursery: a primary teacher’s perspective
  • Nursery: an early years specialist speaks
  • Outdoors: playing outdoors
  • Outdoors a natural sacrament
  • In practice
  • Heart Matter
  • Reflection
  • Resource Review
  • Bible verse
  • Last Word

Highlighted Article: “Are we going to the forest today?” by Lillian Blundell

The experience of a primary schoolteacher taking children to the forest

“Are we going to the forest today?”is the question children ask me first thing in the morning, as they walk through the classroom door. While we put on our outdoor clothing, there’s a buzz of excitement amongst the children as they discuss their plans for the den they are going to continue constructing or a dinosaur trap they are going to dig.

I have never before seen the same enthusiasm for any other activity or lesson.

I read Richard Louv’s explanation that In nature, a child finds freedom, fantasy, and privacy: a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace. I have experienced this with children in the forest and see how they love to find hidden, enclosed and secret places; places where they can be quiet or where their imaginations can come alive, free from adult conformity or agenda.

Themes For Coming Issues:

  • Literacy
  • Children in Need

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