The Joy Of The Lord

By August 6, 2017 July 13th, 2018 Joy

Who can fail to smile at this lovely photo?

Pure, uninhibited joy and laughter.One of the most wonderful things about working with our youngest children is how easily they laugh and how much fun there is every day.

God tells us “the joy of the Lord” is our strength. There is nothing like laughing together, and nothing will life our spirits more than laughing out loud, even when things seem stacked against us. We can lose sight of the joy we have in Christ when we face daily paperwork, ever changing expectations and stressful situations. But God really is the source of joy and strength for us every single day.

He doesn’t tell us to grin and bear it, to stick on a smiley face or to pretend everything is ok. But He does provide an unending source of joy and hope in Him.

Take a few minutes to listen and join in with the sounds of laughter from the children around you or the wind in the trees…stopping to re-focus on God can release us from so much tension. Let the living, bubbling water of the Spirit flow from within.

Be still just for a few moments and think that even the “trees of the forest will sing for joy”.

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