Early Days Magazine

Early Days magazine is published three times a year to provide information, inspiration, training and connection for those working with early years children.

It is written by authors from several countries who embrace a Christian perspective and provides a forum for serious and practical reflection on some of the key issues relevant to those who work with 0-5 year olds today.

Current Issue:  “Getting Physical”

In This Issue:

  • First Word
  • Theology: Exercise and the Resurrection
  • Nursery: A Head for Heights at Heart
  • In Theory: I Like to Move It
  • From the Forest: The Urge for Physical Play
  • In Practice: The Garden
  • Point of View: Readiness
  • Heart Matter
  • Reflection
  • Resources Review
  • Bible text
  • Last Word

Highlighted Article: “A Head For Heights at Heart” by Angela Msumba

A new outdoor climbing frame has enhanced provision for physical development.

Heart Preschool CIC opened in Jun 2018 and is a small Christian setting based in Nottingham and located in the church at Rise Park. The children that attend the setting have been relishing every moment outside.

90% of our day is spent outdoors. We intend to stay safe as much as possible during a pandemic and take advantage of the beautiful weather. More importantly, the children seem to be a lot happier outside, surrounded by the natural environment.

Themes For Coming Issues:

  • Self Regulation
  • Block Play
  • Sustainable Development

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